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Todd Miller

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About Todd Miller

Author, work-life evangelist and ex-CEO Todd Miller has extensively researched and aggressively experimented with the work-life equation for a quarter-century. His #1 Amazon best-seller ENRICH was lauded by Forbes, USA Today, and Entrepreneur, among other national media, and helps professionals all over the world create wealth in time, money, and meaning.

With industry expertise spanning entertainment, media, Asia and Hollywood, Todd’s East/West experience shape a global perspective.  As CEO, he led Asia’s largest independent pan-regional broadcaster through a period of dynamic industry and technological evolution.  As Managing Director and EVP at a major Hollywood studio, he spearheaded the studio’s Asian television businesses through an era of record growth, while helping to introduce multichannel television to Asia and entertain tens of millions of consumers. 

His extensive board service ranges from the first-ever Sino-US film and television production company to Vanderbilt’s worldwide alumni association.

Todd regularly contributes to Fast Company and Newsweek on work-life topics and strategies for personal optimisation, and is a current member of Fast Company’s Executive Board and Newsweek’s Expert Forum.  

While scaling the corporate ladder, he skillfully structured two sabbaticals, intentionally created a family through adoption, cycled coast-to-coast across two continents to support Asian children’s charities, and explored more than 100 countries on all seven continents.

He holds an MBA with beta gamma sigma honors from Columbia University and was graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics.

Featured topics

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Banish Burnout! 

More than 75% of employees at all levels experience burnout on the job, according to Gallop,  Burnout degrades performance and productivity and can suck the life out of life. This signature Keynote distills actionable, sustainable strategies to preserve the professional “fire” that drives high achievers, while enabling work and life to work together. Grounded in best practice research, Todd explains how to significantly boost career satisfaction, why and how to “Essentialize,” plus happiness habits to integrate work and life for professional and personal completeness.

The Power of Intentionality

How do world-class achievers go beyond?  This talk unlocks the strategies and science for setting, igniting, and realizing ambitious goals. Featuring inspiring insights into the techniques of multiple world record holders, the Power of Intentionality helps individuals, teams, and organizations achieve the next level of success.

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Getting Comfortable with Discomfort: Cultivate the Superpower of Curiosity

Relative comfort produces steady results, but the magic happens in the “Discomfort Zone.”  That’s where we challenge ourselves and perform to our potential. In the Discomfort Zone we are more productive, creative, engaged, energized, and innovative. Cultivating the superpower of curiosity helps get you there.

Strategies to Create Time Wealth

What does it mean to ‘make time”? This talk pivots common negative mindsets about time poverty toward a new, abundant way of thinking–and stretches the perception of what’s possible. This Keynote distills effective time maximization strategies that inspire and empower, and enable you to harness the performance benefits of creating time wealth.

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What People Are Saying…

Director, Columbia University

"Todd presented an excellent session on the content of ENRICH: Create Wealth in Time, Money, and Meaning to an audience of alumni and current students."

Cultural Anthropologist, Ambassador, InterNations

"When I heard Todd Miller speak at another event, I knew we had to get him in front of the Geneva and Zurich personal development communities. Todd is an engaging speaker."

Ambassador and Group Consul, 2020 Global Award Winner, InterNations

"Todd Miller is a very dear keynote speaker who has led two popular events. Both events attracted large business audiences and have been great successes, based on group size, participation rates, and audience engagement throughout the presentation and Q&A."


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"21 Books to Read in 2021" - Forbes


Todd Miller had a thriving career leading multimillion dollar entertainment companies. By all metrics, he was successful...yet he was miserable. He always had to be "on"--on the ball, on his toes, on call 24/7, and on the money.

Miller wanted more than just a prestigious career. He wanted Control. Financial Independence. Time. Fulfillment.

He wanted an enriched life.

Chances are, you've sacrificed for your career and fought a constant tug-of-war between personal, professional, and financial well-being. Professional success is important, but is it enough?

ENRICH teaches life skills to create Optionality, even in the most uncertain situations. The world has changed greatly, but the principles of life success haven't.


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