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Timothy Harrison

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About Timothy Harrison

Timothy Harrison, Speaker, Founder of EPOG Academy and San Diego native went to Rice University, where he studied Psychology, competed on the basketball team, and served as the President of the Black Male Leadership Initiative. After graduating into a world in crisis with the pandemic and social unrest, he turned down a coveted job offer in Consulting to pursue his life mission: “To inspire and equip people to realize their potential.” This led him to create the non-profit EPOG Academy with the mission to make personal development part of education so that all students have access to top-tier resources that empower them to take control of their future.

Featured topics


Journey to POWER: A Leaders guide to realizing potential

Power can have a negative connotation, but in reality, it is necessary to enact any meaningful change in your life, community, and company. Now more than ever, it’s important for people to lead with POWER: Purpose, Ownership, Wisdom, Execution, and Resilience. The journey to power begins within. In this dynamic talk, Tim Harrison outlines an evidence based process for increasing your power to drive change in your personal and professional life as you rise to new levels of leadership. You will walk away entertained, inspired, and with practical strategies to develop the 5 principles of POWER that allow you drive change in all facets of life and leadership. 

The Enjoyable Pain of Growth: A Practical Process for Realizing Your Potential

If we’re being honest with ourselves, each of us is capable of living a life greater than the one we are currently living. When we allow doubt, fear, and lack of clarity to get in our way, we become stagnant and live a life beneath what we are capable of. Perhaps we have tried to make a change, but disappointment, failure, and external obstacles slowly ate away at our confidence until we accepted and justified our current circumstances. The world needs more people who have come alive and are on the path to realizing their full potential. In this dynamic and inspiring talk, Tim Harrison shares the 5 principles of empowerment that inspire and equip people to create and sustain positive change in their lives.

  • You will learn to pull the psychological levers that unleash your passion, confidence, and clarity.  

  • You will gain new paradigms that override the fear of failure and allow you to take consistent action that leads to your inevitable success.  

  • You will develop the mindset that empowers you to transform painful experiences into fuel on your journey to become who you are capable of becoming.

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Education is more than Academics: The Psychology of Empowerment 

Education is more than just academics. In a time of accelerating change, it's critical to equip students with the internal tools to be self-regulated, self-directed, and self-determined to navigate an increasingly complex and changing world. In this dynamic talk, Tim Harrison lays out the 5 psychological capacities of empowerment that unlock self-determination in students. You will gain new paradigms on how you can help students take ownership of their education and be equipped with practical strategies to increase their initiative and motivation. 

What People Are Saying…

Community Outreach Manager at KWKC (in reference to Keller Williams Quantum Leap Summit) 

"Tim is an effective communicator, leader, and visionary with a heart to help others become the best version of themselves that they can become. It was awesome having him speak at our event this summer!" 

Media Team Coordinator at the Rock Church San Diego (Largest Church in San Diego) 


“Working with Tim is an incredible and simple process. We have used him on various projects, and his ability to adapt to fit each need is impressive. Tim is someone that we will continue to work with due to his talent, personality, and character.”

Assistant Director Of Sales

"Tim was a speaker for a Leadership Summit, hosted by Rice University Athletics. He was wonderful to work with and has the natural ability to speak to a large group of people. The students were engaged with his keynote. Would highly recommend this bright young professional to speak at your next event!"

"All the pain in your life has a purpose"

- Timothy Harrison


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