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Achievement, Motivation, Performance, Progress,

& Team Building

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Economy, Global Economic Change, Politics, Profit & Loss, & Tax & Trade


Business Development,

Emotional Intelligence,

Strategy, Success,

& Team Building

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Digital Marketing,

Brand Strategy,

Team Leadership,

Digital Transformation,

& Future Trends


Business Growth,

Motivation, Competition,

Sales, & Leadership


Communication, Connection,

Creativity, Humor,

& Team Building

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Business Development,

Focus, Generational Trends,


& Time Management

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Customer Experience,

Customer Retention,

Customer Service,

Excellence, & Hiring

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Business Development,




& Strategy

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Customer Experience,

Loyalty, Personal Branding,

& Strategy


Employee Engagement,

Excellence, Growth, Profits, 

& Strategy

Gezim Gashi 2.jpeg


Core Values, Curiosity,


& Relationships

Jerome Wade.jpeg

Coaching, Emcee,

Performance, Results,

& Team Performance

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Coaching, Confidence,

Inspiration, Mindset,

& Success


Customer Experience,

Employee Engagement,

Trust, Cultural Differences,

& Communication

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Leadership, Education, Productivity, Team Building, & Motivation


Hiring, Media Expertise,

Networking, Personal, Branding, & Success

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Coaching, Digital Commerce,

Future Of Work, Motivation,

& Personal Branding

Kerry Barret.jpg

Relatability, Video Creation,

On-Camera Communication,

& Taking Risk

Kristen Knowles.jpg

Collaboration, Strategy,

Sustainability, Results,

& Culture

Libby Gill.jpeg

Communication, Excellence,

Goal Setting, Media Expertise,

& Motivation

Linda Nazareth 2.jpeg

Economy, Employee, Engagement, Future Of Work,

Global Economic Change,

& Hiring

Magie Cook.jpeg

Inspiration, Motivation,

Results, Success,

& Team Building

Melanie Polk new headshot.jpeg

Customer Service,

Performance, Productivity,

Strategy, & Team Performance

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Leadership, Resilience 
Productivity, Team Building,
& Inspiration

Michael Landers.jpeg

Coaching, Communication,

Culture, Customer Service, & Team Building

Peter High.jpeg

Future Of Work,

Global Economic Change,

Management, Performance

& Strategy

Peter Kozodoy.png

Cryptocurrency, Management,

Networking, Strategy,

& Success

Peter Sage.jpeg

Coaching, Focus, Growth

Inspiration, &Strategy

Raj Singh.png

Inspiration, Motivation,

Networking, Passive Income,

& Strategy

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Accountability, Growth,

Motivation, Resilience,

& Results

Royce Allen.jpeg

Achievement, Compliance,

Cyber Security,

Diversity & Inclusion,

& Hiring

Samuel Cook.png

Coaching, Growth,

Storytelling, Strategy,

& Success

Scott Carley.jpeg

Focus, Resilence,

Strategy, Team Performance,

& Time Management

Wade Younger Photo.jpeg

Acceleration, Blockchain,

Cyber Security,

Organizational Development,

& Performance

Todd Miller 2.png

Accountability, Investing,

Mindset, Wealth,

& Work-Life Balance

Todd Palmer 2.jpeg


Customer Service,

Growth, Results,

& Storytelling

Treva Graves.jpg

Business, Strategy,

Empowerment, Leadership,

& Personal Branding

Van Lai-DuMone.png

Creativity, Curiosity,

Gamification, Productivity,

& Strategy

Wade with hat.jpeg

Professional Development, 

Communication, Empowerment, Leadership, Team Building,

& Entertainment

20220324_Heather_js28 (1).jpg

Resilience, Productivity,
Stress and Burnout,

Health and Wellbeing,
& Energy and Performance


Leadership, Success, Special Education Advocate, Porfessional Development,

& Comedian


Business, Strategist,
Podcast, Leadership,
& Creative


Strategy, Resiliency, Leadership, Empowerment,

& Success

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Integrative care, Holistic wellness, Health coaching, Emotional freedom techniques & Lifestyle-oriented healthcare

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