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  • Dawn Landry

    Landry Business Development Communication Performance Relationships Strategy BOOK THIS SPEAKER About market penetration and expansion are derived from a strategic and value-driven solution based upon team strategist to assist companies with customized programs designed to advance their leadership proficiencies, team in B2B technical business development/marketing positions, all in collaboration and servitude to her team ​ "Dawn enabled us to be better communicators, appreciate our differences and build trust among our team

  • Derrick Kinney

    Your #1 priority is helping your team grow their business and increase their revenue. You blow your sales goals out of the water—and your team finally feels lasting motivation to champion In this talk, Derrick empowers your team to: Identify the #1 problem your ideal customers want solved (And that means your team, company, and/or organization reach their sales or fundraising goals!) My sales team was inspired!"

  • Libby Gill

    “Clarify, Simplify & Execute” process inspires people to drive workplace performance by maximizing their “Leadership DNA,” building high-passion/high-performance teams; and increasing employee engagement through She instilled in her team the belief that each change would bring a brighter future. Today, after 30 years, Libby’s team is still connected. include: Enhancing leadership skills Crafting a personal brand Becoming an influencer Managing global teams

  • Todd Miller

    75% of employees at all levels experience burnout on the job, according to Gallop, Burnout degrades performance into the techniques of multiple world record holders, the Power of Intentionality helps individuals, teams That’s where we challenge ourselves and perform to our potential. distills effective time maximization strategies that inspire and empower, and enable you to harness the performance

  • Arber Balidemaj

    Arber Balidemaj Business Development Emotional Intelligence Strategy Success Team Building BOOK THIS As an employer, you want your team to be irreplaceable. Everyone has value Vulnerability is a strength Create a Team Environment (Corporate Workshop) More than Doing the right thing is being present and honest The team is more important than any individual. Rewarding them as individuals will create great teams Personal Development Contribution.

  • Julian Placino

    reality TV show about creating social impact through entrepreneurship, where he was nominated by his team Modernizing Recruitment This session will teach you the strategies and tactics of world-class recruiting teams The #1 secret of world-class recruiting teams Competing for top talent with the industry Goliaths A simple Through storytelling and guided exercises, Julian will help your team: Reflect on their past struggles

  • Gregory Copploe

    Gregory Copploe Communication Confidence Mindset Resilence Team Building BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Gregory This talk focuses on your body and how we can heal it from overall neglect and abuse for better work performance "When your workforce is diverse you create a winning team of perspectives to make meaningful change"

  • Become A Speaker | WCD Speakers

    help write and publish their books without stress and without knowing where to start by working with a team and ultimately provides a plan for future development Step #2 Speaker Materials Review Step #3 Your Performance Wilene and her team helped me with all of that.

  • Cory Jenks

    Cory Jenks Communication Connection Creativity Humor Team Building BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Cory Jenks Since then, Cory has coached, taught, and performed improv for thousands of people. building a sustainable culture Describe how improv can foster joy and creativity for individuals and teams useful tool for being more adaptable Describe how improv can foster creativity for individuals and teams

  • Andre Norman

    Andre Norman Achievement Motivation Performance Progress Team Building BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Andre programs for families in crisis, substance abuse and teen drinking, re-entry, ex-offender, gangs, prison reform bringing these programs into a company, leaders will walk away with an actionable plan moving their teams Walk away with an actionable plan moving their teams forward towards overall goals and inclusion. Director ​ We hired Andre for our sales team and not only were they fired up after his talk, they had

  • Marcus Anderson

    Featured topics Peak Performance and Optimal Performance Peak performance is not sustainable, how do you create optimal level of performance? Optimal performance is sustainable and scalable and peak performance is only something you can do with Prioritizing, being completely present in whatever you are doing Peak Performance is not sustainable, Optimal performance is What is Optimal Performance?

  • Wade Younger

    Wade Younger Acceleration Blockchain Cyber Security Organizational Development Performance BOOK THIS society has concluded that the way to become a world-class organization is to create superior process performance ideas What People Are Saying… Myra Zabec Thompson, City of Charlotte ​ "Today, we have a very high-performing team. "Improve business performance through migration of people, process, and technology designed to accomplish

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