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    Economy Resilience Communication Hiring Mindset Motivation Cultural Differences Customer Experience Team Performance Personal Branding Keynote Speakers As a speaker who is looking for an opportunity to perform

  • Scott Carley

    Scott Carley Focus Resilence Strategy Team Performance Time Management BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Scott rejuvenates leaders, sales professionals and entrepreneurs to focus and take action on goals, priorities and team Champion Scott’s award-winning illustrated presentation about what blocks business owners and high-performance What People Are Saying… Wells Fargo Mortgage ​ "My team was discouraged and worn out!

  • Jerome Wade

    Jerome Wade Coaching Emcee Performance Results Team Performance BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Jerome Wade Jerome Jerome is the CEO of Epic Global™, a leadership and sales performance & productivity consultancy. The complexity of work, home and personal life often limits the performance and productivity of the most results, every day How to activate the inner game for optimized results The irreducible minimum of peak performance , be fully energized every day, and totally dominate as an elite producer, motivated achiever, high performer

  • Peter High

    Peter High Future Of Work Global Economic Change Management Performance Strategy BOOK THIS SPEAKER About performance is on the path to world-class levels. ​ course, IT strategy consultant Peter High outlines how to create an agile IT department, measure IT performance The pace of change in business today is such that it is becoming easier to go from a legendarily high-performing executives must follow and the order in which they should follow them whether they are at the helm of a high-performing

  • Melanie Polk

    Melanie Polk Customer Service Performance Productivity Strategy Team Performance BOOK THIS SPEAKER About I would HIGHLY recommend Melanie to support any executive or team and give her my highest 5-star rating

  • Curt Steinhorst

    Curt Steinhorst Business Development Focus Generational Trends Performance Time Management Curt's Expertise provides actionable insights that help leaders break through the noise, achieve greater innovation and performance Gain tactics and tools to help your brain operate at peak performance Adopt simple but profound ways Despite our best efforts, teams are more overwhelmed than ever before. unreasonable demands What People Are Saying… Ameriprise ​ "It's no small feat to keep a room full of top performing

  • Brandon Kelly

    his pursuit of adventure and mentoring businesses while he motivates employees and corporations to perform to perform at their best day in and day out! ACE principles for success Measuring your best performance Setting higher levels of achievement Pursue How you perform at the world class level Leaving a distinctive mark for others to see and achieve ABC everyday activities to impact performance.

  • Kristen Knowles

    that can overcome anything The Team that Leaves a Mark: Building strong executive teams that reach new What hinders high-performing leaders from being high-performing teams? a team's ability to succeed at the highest level. For companies that depend on their team's ability to achieve results- this is for you. Building a highly functioning leadership team Uncovering what holds the team back Changing the narrative

  • Brad McCormick

    McCormick Digital Marketing Brand Strategy Team Leadership Digital Transformation Future Trends BOOK He teaches Digital Marketing Strategy & Performance Management each semester at Southern Methodist University A roadmap for building the marketing dream team of the future Learn which roles and team members contribute attracts and retains top performers. He helps our team connect the dots and improve marketing performance across the board.”

  • Van Lai-DuMone

    She inspires people and teams to follow curiosity, ask ‘What if’, and take small steps to accomplish This is the foundation of Van Lai-DuMone’s work as the founder of worksmart, a progressive team and leadership consultancy that activates creativity and experiential learning to enrich company culture and skyrocket performance Creativity to Transform Your Work Companies have historically used creativity as a break from work, for team Then learn to apply your natural character strengths with intentionality to make any team and organization

  • Michael Landers

    managing, working in and/or leading a diverse workforce` Present Company: Cultivating Cultures of High Performance presence—Induction, Awareness, Authenticity, and Connection—the key to cultivating cultures of high performance in teams and organizations. Present Company: Cultivating Cultures of High Performance in Teams and Organizations Being present is presence—Induction, Awareness, Authenticity, and Connection—the key to cultivating cultures of high performance

  • Magie Cook

    Magie Cook Inspiration Motivation Results Success Team Building BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Magie Cook Magie She missed her opportunity to play basketball for the Mexican National Team because she broke her collarbone Magie has been creating and developing successful teams for companies. Does your team need to be reminded of their sense of purpose? Magie performed a wonderful, moving keynote! Only glowing reviews of her speech."

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