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  • Gregory Copploe

    Responsible for the success of consumer products brands such as: SpiderMan, Godzilla, Mighty Morphin that means, minimizing the chatter in our head, and improving our overall productiveness in both our personal Don’t take things personally. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t take things personally. Don’t make assumptions.

  • Melanie Polk

    And access to opportunities with work, service, personal pursuits, and leadership is at an all-time high Challenging the ‘work-life balance’ myth Looking at our lives as chapters Spending the time to clear on personal needs Sharing thought-provoking questions and insights What People Are Saying… SVP/GM Global Retail Brand Kristin Patrick, CMO PepsiCo Global Beverage Brands ​ "Melanie is a leadership and marketing purist who

  • Raj Singh

    Strategy BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Raj Singh Raj has developed a methodical approach to accessing PLR – Personal His experience during his college years led him to unlock and tap into his own Personal Leadership & Raj’s mission is to empower others to overcome adversity as he learned to do in his own personal story BALANCE, NOT BURNOUT Raj Singh has developed a methodical approach to accessing PLR – Personal Leadership Raj Singh’s personal experiences in the investment world.

  • Gezim Gashi

    SPEAKER About Gezim Gashi Gezim Gashi is a storyteller, producer, mentor, speaker, educationalist, branding Nike uses, brands, celebrities uses it and that's where loyalty comes and has a purpose and mission - Be confident about converting your passion into your brand Understand how to find a career and speaking to launch an entertainment high school institute in the United States— Gezim Gashi maps the way to personal

  • Arber Balidemaj

    He is the youngest person in his industry, achieved the Top 100 real estate agents of America, sold over How do you provide personal value? What could you do to be irreplaceable to your position? You can be the best person in your position and be the nicest person in the world but if you are having Do you have the right person in the wrong position? Rewarding them as individuals will create great teams Personal Development Contribution.

  • Johnny Wimbrey

    Featured topics Success Coach & Trainer One of the youngest and wisest success coaches today, using his personal Because of his own personal experiences and accomplishments at such a young age, Wimbrey is the ideal By seizing control of his life and developing a brand-new mindset, Wimbrey gave up the hard-core streets

  • Todd Miller

    Todd regularly contributes to Fast Company and Newsweek on work-life topics and strategies for personal why and how to “Essentialize,” plus happiness habits to integrate work and life for professional and personal heard Todd Miller speak at another event, I knew we had to get him in front of the Geneva and Zurich personal Chances are, you've sacrificed for your career and fought a constant tug-of-war between personal, professional

  • Magie Cook

    Leadership Three levels of leadership that Magie implemented in her life to become successful as a person you are looking for a way to empower, uplift, inspire and energize your leaders, then, Magie is the person productive, more creative, more responsible, better leaders, deliver better customer service, take personal Then, Magie is the perfect person for you "We have two choices, wee either let life control us or we

  • Wade Younger

    He is often known as "Coach" and has made personal and organizational wellness his life's work. Discover how to optimize your brand, based on the latest neuroscience. Why your brand was rejected or accepted? What triggered the decision in favor of your competitor? Innovation, the continuation of the human experience is a practical, inspiring, and highly interactive personal

  • Ben Woodward

    Inspiration BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Ben Woodward Ben Woodward has become a highly sought-after authority on personal As the author of the best-selling book, The Empowerment Paradox, Ben is quickly becoming the go-to person are strong enough, big enough, and powerful enough to deal with whatever is thrown our way Confront personal how such experiences can be transformed into a catalyst for magnificent joy and a profound sense of personal

  • Peter Sage

    Integrating successful and long-term change means shifting our personal psychology, not just our to-do Replace friction with fluidity by empowering every person from the leadership to the shop floor to manage The Inside Track What happens when you put a non-criminal and one of the world's top experts in personal

  • Tim Harrison

    realize their potential. ” This led him to create the non-profit EPOG Academy with the mission to make personal , Tim Harrison outlines an evidence based process for increasing your power to drive change in your personal Rice University, left my students and me entirely moved by the power of what he had to say and the personal

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