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  • Gezim Gashi

    Gezim Gashi Communication Core Values Curiosity Motivation Relationships BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Gezim Being motivated means we are being filled with a purpose. The motivation comes from a foundation which comes from purpose and value. Foundation has to work. Why and How to be motivated to work Know why you are doing what you are doing How you can be motivated What is the foundation of motivation How to unleash your potential Creating a Culture of the Unlocked

  • Magie Cook

    Magie Cook Inspiration Motivation Results Success Team Building BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Magie Cook Magie Magie became a Motivational Speaker to help others to create breakthroughs and inspire them to live better The Power of Motivation In her Keynote, Magie talks about the most powerful ways to create a shift in motivating a team or a culture using psychology, language, and perspective. Then this motivational speech is for you!

  • Johnny Wimbrey

    His blunt honesty motivates people to stop thinking and start doing. ​ This principle has been used by Wimbrey in leadership retreats, sales and motivational seminars to audiences Servant Leader ​ "Johnny is a phenomenal motivational speaker, he inspires and trains young professionals International motivational speaker Johnny Wimbrey shares the principles and keys for success over any

  • Brandon Kelly

    Brandon Kelly Business Growth Motivation Competition Sales Leadership BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Brandon Now he continues his pursuit of adventure and mentoring businesses while he motivates employees and corporations This is the ideal presentation for identifying corporate road blocks, areas and ways to improve, and motivating

  • Derrick Kinney

    Featured topics Discover Your Generosity Purpose: The Secret to Crush Your Sales Goals, Motivate Your In this talk, attendees are highly motivated as Derrick shares the tools to increase their sales, attract You blow your sales goals out of the water—and your team finally feels lasting motivation to champion

  • Scott Carley

    Scott energizes change as a Certified VISTAGE Speaker and Trusted Advisor, motivating and challenging Energizing, motivating, and unforgettable for any audience.

  • Libby Gill

    Libby Gill Communication Excellence Goal Setting Media Expertise Motivation BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Libby the Market Share Will Follow reveals how strong branding creates awareness, provides authentic value, motivates Worth your time and money...uplifting, motivating and helpful!" the Market Share Will Follow reveals how strong branding creates awareness, provides authentic value, motivates

  • Marcus Anderson

    If you're looking for a speaker, motivator and teacher, this is your guy." Gift of Adversity" gives functional and inspiring wisdom that can be applied in personal development, motivation

  • Jerome Wade

    People Are Saying… CEO, WINGS International ​ "Jerome was one of the most engaging, articulate, fun motivational massive difference in the world, be fully energized every day, and totally dominate as an elite producer, motivated

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    Whether you are searching for a motivational or business speaker, a trainer, or an entertainer, we have

  • Wade Younger

    Wade's methods focus on achieving results in difficult leadership issues, and his mastery of motivation Imagination, the great equalizer The power to drive growth Creativity, the learned behavior Leading Change & Motivation

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