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  • Gregory Copploe

    Shell This talk focuses on your body and how we can heal it from overall neglect and abuse for better work is an inspirational talk about embracing the beauty of our brokenness, as we are all broken and are works minimizing the chatter in our head, and improving our overall productiveness in both our personal and work We are all works in progress – Everyone has challenges Improving Overall Productiveness What is the Truth Our past doesn't define us, nor does our future.

  • Johnny Wimbrey

    Sales & Leadership It takes “teamwork” to make the “dream work!” "Don’t let your past determine your future." - Johnny Wimbrey Books Building A Millionaire Mindset From adversities will inspire anyone to press on and never give up.Your past does not necessarily determine your future

  • Jerome Wade

    The complexity of work, home and personal life often limits the performance and productivity of the most From the first words of his presentation until his last, the audience was all-in—learning laughing, and Every single one of us must battle the seemingly invisible force–field that works against our best intentions Bigger success, better opportunities, and a brighter future can be yours if you apply the insight and

  • Tim Harrison

    education so that all students have access to top-tier resources that empower them to take control of their future Learn more The Future of Education As technology continues to advance, it is crucial for school districts to keep pace in order to prepare students for the future.

  • Become A Speaker | WCD Speakers

    platform, message, help write and publish their books without stress and without knowing where to start by working VIEW OUR SPEAKERS SEE HOW IT WORKS Inspire Audiences Around The World With Your Unique Message What can We will work with you to outline your platform and marketing efforts. We work with meeting planners daily to help with the daunting task of finding the right talent to engage Why Work With Us Affordable investment Turnkey solution 300+ books published 25+ years of experience

  • Juan Alvarado

    and efficient work environment. more focused to work. Work stress free. What People Are Saying… T. It spoke directly to me about how I can be a better leader at work. " "Don’t let your past determine your future." - Johnny Wimbrey Podcast The Relevant Development Podcast

  • Wade Younger

    He is often known as "Coach" and has made personal and organizational wellness his life's work. At the end of the day, Wade is known to be one of the easiest and most effective speakers to work with Since nothing stays the same, how do you adapt to a changing future. By understanding the trends of the future, you can make better decisions for your career, and your business

  • Treva Graves

    As a global personal brand strategist, she has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from 7 figure Treva works with you to provide a focused portrait of your professional reputation – one that will be She has a passion for speaking, personal branding and working with clients to leverage quick wins with Treva will inspire you to act and find motivation to work toward a positive mindset by defeating your Personal Branding is the future of marketing and your success.

  • Peter Sage

    Featured topics Reinventing Change & Resilience – Becoming Future Proof In today’s ever-changing world ‘Becoming Future Proof’ is a powerful experience designed to reprogram for success those dealing with

  • Arber Balidemaj

    He has a simple concept that has worked for him since he started his career. How do we create passion in the workplace? How to create Passion in the workplace? world but if you are having issues at home, your family issues are most likely interfering with your work Mentorship is the key to your future. Kids have parents, parents have parents.

  • Royce Allen

    Vetting Working Group, and Co-chair of for the Women Enterprise Resource Working Group. ​ It’s about recruiting a workforce that includes individuals with different worldviews, ethnicities, religions Women in the Technology As a woman rising in today’s executive workforce, you need every edge you can take immediately to increase your visibility and professional reputation to create a roadmap for your future "When your workforce is diverse you create a winning team of perspectives to make meaningful change"

  • Michael Landers

    and equality to simply connecting and communicating effectively has challenged our ways of living and working Gain leadership communication skills for managing, working in and/or leading a diverse workforce` Present level Overcome obstacles with intention What People Are Saying… Liz Wessel, Co-founder & CEO ​ "Between working apply the lessons I've learned from Culture Crossing to situations I know I'll find myself in in the future Founder - Brain Institute ​ "Michael was excellent in working with us; his cheerfulness, professionalism

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