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  • Raj Singh

    dozens of successful students and industry experts on their journey to connect to their own true power – including

  • Peter Sage

    There were over a dozen world class speakers including President Bill Clinton.

  • Kristen Knowles

    She brings with her,vast experience in the corporate & business world, including VP and Chairman of the

  • Arber Balidemaj

    Life is Not Just Business Having a successful life includes business, financial, spiritual and health

  • Peter Kozodoy

    Then, he helps teams work through the leadership frameworks in his book — including the Hourglass of

  • Dave Seaton

    Curiosity is affiliated with an inquisitive way of thinking that includes investigation, experimentation

  • Melanie Polk

    Working with leaders in global Fortune 500 organizations – including Disney, PepsiCo, Macy’s, Apple,

  • Peter High

    keynote speaker at a wide array of corporate world-wide and lectured at several renowned universities including

  • Brad McCormick

    His past clients include LEGO, Cisco, McDonald's, FedEx Office, KIA, Smokeybear, and the US Department

  • Treva Graves

    Topics for discussion include: brand audit, determine your digital influence factor, write your 4D LinkedIn

  • Cory Jenks

    His past pharmacy experience has included time as a retail pharmacist, outpatient clinical pharmacist

  • Linda Nazareth

    Her clients have included everyone from American Express through to The Economist Magazine, and all have

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