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  • Jerome Wade

    With nearly 30 years of C-Suite experience, Jerome masterfully guides clients and audiences through their Leveraging the power of story from Jerome’s global adventures and experiences (Trekking to Everest Base Jerome takes audiences beyond entertainment and engagement to guide them through a transformative experience As a master storyteller, and “experience architect™”, Jerome helps audiences go beyond listening to create We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - FATHER PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN. ​

  • Todd Miller

    Miller Author, work-life evangelist and ex-CEO Todd Miller has extensively researched and aggressively experimented With industry expertise spanning entertainment, media, Asia and Hollywood, Todd’s East/West experience for personal optimisation, and is a current member of Fast Company’s Executive Board and Newsweek’s Expert More than 75% of employees at all levels experience burnout on the job, according to Gallop, Burnout

  • Curt Steinhorst

    intimately the challenges companies face to keep the attention of today's distracted workforce and customer Focus expert Curt Steinhorst helps leaders and teams take control of their attention and focus it on By combining the science of how the brain works with how we operate in a data-saturated world, Focus Expert

  • Andre Norman

    How to experience transformation to embrace life Move confidently toward a balanced and fulfilled existence He pulled from his life experiences and created The Academy of Hope and set out on his mission to teach meaningful personal change Inspiring Your Leaders Known to many as "The Ambassador Of Hope", Andre Norman's experience Turning his experiences into programs, he created the Violence Interrupters & Proven Risk Youth model Now, as the Ambassador of Hope, Andre leverages his unique experiences to deliver a message of inclusivity

  • Juan Alvarado

    Team Building Motivation Expertise BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Juan Alvarado Juan is a highly respected expert Army war veteran with a wealth of experience training teams of thousands of soldiers in high-stakes situations communicate, and become more effective ​ Paraprofessionals & Expanded Learning Programs With 11 years of experience BEST practices from walking lines to homework set up Feel like a veteran staff no matter their prior experiences

  • Tahra Millan

    renowned for her ability to curate and execute transformational campaigns, programs, events, and teams for experience-based With over two decades of experience driving change and innovation for commercial theatrical entertainment Discovering the Joy in Failure This talk will explore how to reframe failure as a positive and transformative experience Diversity: The outline emphasizes that gender diversity contributes to a broader range of perspectives, experiences I think anyone that gets the opportunity to work and learn from Tahra in any capacity will find the experience

  • Meeting Planners | WCD Speakers

    high-profile talent from all walks of life, we provide keynote speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts Stevens Why Work With Us Done-for-you service Turnkey solution 350+ events every year 25+ years of experience

  • Ben Woodward

    His experience with growing multi-billion dollar organizations as well as stuck mature businesses, excited How to experience transformation to embrace life Move confidently towards a balanced and fulfilled existence Behavioral theories suggest it can be learned, and yet, experience teaches us that learned skills are However it comes, Ben reveals how such experiences can be transformed into a catalyst for magnificent

  • Reginald Bullock

    successes as a highly effective, results-oriented professional who possesses the strategies, insights, and experiences Reggie has over twenty years of executive leadership experience, including leading large teams in complex He has extensive experience in the strategic intelligence and training arenas. ​ Reggie has the commitment, drive for excellence, experience, and passion for developing his self and We all deserve to experience this beautiful journey of discovery.

  • Libby Gill | WCD Speakers

    helps individuals and organizations “capture the mindshare” – that is, the heads and hearts – of their customers branding creates awareness, provides authentic value, motivates others to act, and builds long-term customer branding creates awareness, provides authentic value, motivates others to act, and builds long-term customer

  • Scott Carley

    Management BOOK THIS SPEAKER Expertise About Scott Carley Scott Carley, known as The Change Energizer, is an expert the Four Principles he and others have used to recover and start hitting home runs again, creating an experience

  • Peter Sage

    ‘Becoming Future Proof’ is a powerful experience designed to reprogram for success those dealing with The Inside Track What happens when you put a non-criminal and one of the world's top experts in personal

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