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  • Dave Seaton

    Dave Seaton Customer Experience Customer Retention Customer Service Excellence Hiring BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Dave Seaton Dave Seaton is a customer experience consultant, helping you create experiences your Using that insight, he transformed the customer support experience and made the company $991k in annual must differentiate on the customer experience to maintain customer loyalty and improve retention. experience."

  • Home

    Diversity & Inclusion Economy Resilience Communication Hiring Mindset Motivation Cultural Differences Customer Experience Team Performance Personal Branding Keynote Speakers As a speaker who is looking for an opportunity

  • Deb Gabor

    Deb Gabor Communication Customer Experience Loyalty Personal Branding Strategy BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Understanding the ideal customer archetype methodology Getting inside your customer’s head Segmenting and targeting customers Bonding emotionally with customers Becoming part of customers’ self concepts Because of your brand, the customer feels they can accomplish more! She’s right." Deb has deep experience in helping companies face reality and find brands that open territory that can

  • Karl Lillrud

    With an extensive experience from Unicorn Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries i.e Karl Lillrud has extensive experience from multiple industries, e-Commerce, Retail, Internet-based, Pharmaceuticals As a speaker, Karl empower his audience by sharing his passion and experience to empower the audience Startup and Entrepreneurship With 25 years of experience Karl have all the experience you can imagine In short words it is a toolbox with 24 years of experience which Karl has been writing on for 9 years

  • Dawn Landry

    Landry’s experience encompasses 28+ years of business development and marketing leadership positions, Achieving the Ultimate Client Experience. Experience: ‘Client experience is the sum of all client interactions across company touchpoints. Considerations --- in order to achieve the ultimate client experience, we must invest in our employees ’ experiences.

  • Derrick Kinney

    and make more money using their “Generosity Purpose” Transform their business by attracting more new customers that ADORE them Generate more referrals from HAPPY customers while insulating their existing customers In this talk, Derrick reveals how your attendees can: Attract more ideal customers ready to pay higher sell the solution—so you and your team can finally stand out, get paid more, and have a waitlist of customers In this talk, Derrick empowers your team to: Identify the #1 problem your ideal customers want solved

  • Michael Landers

    Michael Landers Coaching Communication Culture Customer Service Team Building BOOK THIS SPEAKER About EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE This talk examines CUSTOMER SERVICE from both an internal and external perspective, whether you are interacting with customers within your own company or outside of it. experience for both internal and external customers. "Drawing upon his own extensive international experience, Michael has created an indispensable tool for

  • Brad McCormick

    Every day there’s a new social media platform to engage customers, a new data point to track and a new How can marketing leaders create a strategy that meets the customer where they are? and the evolving customer journey, processes for cross-discipline collaboration, and how to measure Digital Marketing Veteran and college instructor Brad McCormick has over twenty years experiences working in PR, Marketing, and Adverting agency across every faucet and media involved in the customer journey

  • Cory Jenks

    His past pharmacy experience has included time as a retail pharmacist, outpatient clinical pharmacist Apply the core tenets that make improv a useful tool for creating an adaptable healthcare experience be creating memorable and funny improv scenes to reinforce the application of improv to teamwork and customer co-workers and clients Identify how improv fundamentals can foster an environment that humanizes the customer service experience Are you ready to book this speaker?

  • Wade Younger

    Wade has over 30 years of experience in technology, organizational development and process improvement He is an accredited project and program manager with experience developing solutions and managing implementation the blockchain business landscape Change, Challenge, and Innovation - The continuation of the human experience Change, Challenge and Innovation, the continuation of the human experience is a practical, inspiring, Change, Challenge and Innovation, the continuation of the human experience is a practical, inspiring,

  • Magie Cook

    She also shares life experiences and successes in implementing these strategies. fulfillment in their work are more creative, more productive, healthier (with fewer sick days), better at customer She also shares life experiences as successes in implementing these techniques. better employees, more productive, more creative, more responsible, better leaders, deliver better customer

  • Gregory Copploe

    As an homage to his father, he began his journey in oils experimenting with sky, water and the creation “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience self-nurturing to take action to unfold your path and direction Exceeding Expectations – Excellence in Customer perspectives to make meaningful change" - Gregory Copploe Book "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - FATHER PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN. ​

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