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  • Derrick Kinney

    sabbatical in 2019, Derrick knew it was time to sell his practice, bet on himself again, and go in a different Derrick is now a successful entrepreneur who’s still excelling in the financial services space but in a different the problem-solving SPECIALIST so you get paid a LOT more Make your competition irrelevant by clearly differentiating

  • Treva Graves

    but will also show the audience how a positive attitude and being a good listener can make a powerful difference People interpret happiness in different ways and happiness as a concept is elusive.

  • Jerome Wade

    you were able to create the success you want, enjoy deep and meaningful relationships, make a massive difference

  • Andre Norman

    organizations to change How you navigate visible crises can be hugely beneficial How to Bring Your Differences

  • Todd Palmer

    recruiting and vetting process How employers can stop being their own worst enemy Why employees are the #1 differentiator

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