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    Business Development Diversity & Inclusion Economy Resilience Communication Hiring Mindset Motivation Cultural Differences Customer Experience Team Performance Personal Branding Keynote Speakers As a speaker who

  • John Southard

    John Southard Customer Experience Employee Engagement Trust Cultural Differences Communication BOOK THIS has applied his historical research on empathy to corporate America to build empathetic leaders and cultures levels, can learn how to leverage empathy to build more productive teams that enjoy their work and the culture those lessons into a new empathetic leadership framework that corporate leaders can use to build a culture But rather than ignoring the differences, or even vilifying them - embrace the differences.

  • Michael Landers

    to avoid the “10 Syndrome” and consistently exceed customer expectations as well as recognize the 3 different With Awareness, your mind is trained to hold space for differing opinions and perceptions. – and Michael shows you how to be more effective with more people from different cultures." a different culture. All cultures fall into certain broad categories, and if you can figure out what kind of culture you're

  • Kristen Knowles

    Where your people work isn't the problem (unless it is, and other misconceptions) Doing business differently and with dignity Leading in the new era of work The Culture Lie: The lies we believe about company culture and call it culture. Your brand is not your culture. We have to stop believing the culture lies and focus on what truly makes up our culture, so we can build

  • Royce Allen

    Transitions are not just about doing something different. The Culture of Diversity and Inclusion True diversity isn’t about checking the box. It’s about recruiting a workforce that includes individuals with different worldviews, ethnicities, religions This is a challenge many companies face when trying to create a well-rounded culture. Building a Culture of Diversity Demonstrating Inclusion in your company Fostering a team of diversity

  • Melanie Polk

    organizations are moving away from traditional command-and-control practices and toward something very different feedback What powerful questions really sound like Developing leadership agility Create a Coaching Culture ‘the Great Resignation,’ leaders are having to fundamentally alter their approach and the resulting cultural this talk, Melanie will outline why organizations would be well-served to develop a strong coaching culture Women in industrialized cultures have made significant strides across all sectors of our lives over the

  • Cory Jenks

    His book, “Permission to Care: Building a Healthcare Culture that Thrives in Chaos.” and philosophy of improv comedy, and how creating an "Unscripted Culture" will help unlock creativity While it may seem that teaching and applying the soft skills needed to build a winning culture can be daunting, ultimately, by training improvisation techniques it will lead to a culture of employee and List the eight core rules that make improv a useful tool for building a sustainable culture Describe

  • Dave Seaton

    Featured topics Designing a Customer-Centric Culture Need a business case for a customer-centric culture It’s a culture problem. ​ Support Services that Customers Actually Value How Customer Service and Support (CSS) organizations must differentiate

  • Gezim Gashi

    What is the foundation of motivation How to unleash your potential Creating a Culture of the Unlocked How to engage your team to share their ideas Creating a Culture of the Unlocked Employee A Purpose Driven Uncovering your purpose and aligning it with the core mission of your business can make all the difference

  • Ben Woodward

    , and powerful enough to deal with whatever is thrown our way Beating the Enemy Within WHEN COMPANY CULTURE Unfortunately, culture eats strategy for breakfast! Critically, Ben teaches here how to create a lasting culture that reflects and strengthens the new, transforming

  • Van Lai-DuMone

    leadership development consultancy that activates creativity and experiential learning to enrich company culture What differentiates Van, is that she doesn’t deliver talks ... she delivers experiences. Stronger Together… By The Sum of Our Differences What sets us apart, and the sum of our differences,

  • Curt Steinhorst

    He founded Focuswise to help leaders and organizations create cultures of focus and teams that thrive Curt's message thoughtfully addresses a central challenge in our fast-paced work culture. "In a world where no one can focus on anything, being capable of focus is an increasingly powerful differentiator

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