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  • Julian Placino

    For seven years, Julian led talent acquisition for Bottle Rocket, one of the premier mobile development He now consults with companies on personal branding, marketing strategy and leadership development.

  • Reginald Bullock

    Reggie’s strengths are in team building, facilitating, leadership development, and coaching individuals VERSION OF YOURSELF Understanding your why and recognizing there is power in your choices will help you develop Reggie has the commitment, drive for excellence, experience, and passion for developing his self and

  • Andrew Busch

    politics and technology to simplify the complexity and ensure that everyone can understand how they impact business is an in-depth study of the economy from a speaker with a deep understanding of how the markets and business

  • Andre Norman

    He has lectured on multiple TEDx stages, as well as Harvard University and London Business School. He also is developing various training manuals to help better serve companies and corrections. PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE From an early age, Andre witnessed domestic violence, was a victim of the Boston Busing Bush. He has become one of the nation’s leading experts in gang and prison violence intervention. ​

  • Cory Jenks

    In a business world that seems to always be “no”, attendees will see how applying the simple improv phrase unlock creativity, build adaptability, and create connections to improve their personal, family, and business

  • Marcus Anderson

    talk, "The Gift of Adversity" gives functional and inspiring wisdom that can be applied in personal development

  • Michael Landers

    boundaries, physically and virtually, culture crashes have become increasingly frequent, says international business This can lead to lost business, hurt feelings, damaged relationships, even international incidents, as

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