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  • Samuel Cook

    in 2019, he founded SanityDesk, a full-stack software solution for experts and small service businesses to launch and manage their business online. investors and is rapidly becoming an innovative solution for savvy marketing professionals who help small business Personal Growth expert, this lesson will give you a sense of the possibilities for StoryTelling in your business Developer "Sam is a person with positive energy, able to make relationships with people from all over

  • Ben Woodward

    Ben Woodward Business Strategy Empowerment Leadership Inspiration BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Ben Woodward His experience with growing multi-billion dollar organizations as well as stuck mature businesses, excited Ben teaches here how to create a lasting culture that reflects and strengthens the new, transforming business creating meaningful change This model is all about leadership The rate of environmental movement in business These virtues, when developed, provide clarity and understanding for dealing with the complexities of

  • Van Lai-DuMone

    foundation of Van Lai-DuMone’s work as the founder of worksmart, a progressive team and leadership development tools to start incorporating creativity directly into the work you do, to have an immediate impact on business In addition, you will have the chance to experience how creativity is good for business through LEGO® And your thought provoking ideas on creative play are relevant to any profession and business."

  • Magie Cook

    At this event, a man gave her $800 to start her business. Not knowing anything about business and with perseverance, she created Maggie’s All Natural Fresh Salsa ’s & Dips, a company that grew into a multi-million dollar business within 4 years and distributed products Magie has been creating and developing successful teams for companies. balance and mindfulness which she also uses to help her clients thorough breakthrough LIFE COACHING and BUSINESS

  • Libby Gill

    Author Libby Gill helps businesses define and articulate their unique brand promise by exploring case stories Order now Leadership Reckoning Since its inception, higher education in the U.S. has claimed to develop task American colleges and universities for their haphazard, incoherent, evidence-free approaches to developing students as leaders and offers a principle-driven, outcome-oriented blueprint for how effective leader development Higher education has both the opportunity and the responsibility to take leader development seriously

  • Brad McCormick

    McCormick Brad B McCormick is a Speaker and an Omni-channel marketing strategist with a passion for how business But all too often, organizations invest in fancy equipment, such as developing a website or purchasing You’ll take a deep dive into how to plan, scope and budget digital campaigns; develop a strategy centered Maximizing Your Marketing Spend Businesses of all sizes wrestle with how to make the most of their marketing Synthesizing the latest research, media theory and neuroscience Help businesses of any size make sure

  • Royce Allen

    During her tenure she developed a comprehensive IA compliance program; revitalized/modernized efforts a smooth transition Designing your next career Creating career goals Evaluating the environment or business For example, a recent study found that 75% of businesses have at least one woman in a senior management Professor of Business ​ "Royce is a highly persuasive speaker with her ability to integrate and articulate relevant information about technology and business practices."

  • Peter Kozodoy

    Peter Kozodoy is the author of Honest to Greatness, an Inc. 5000 serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and business From the depths of 2008, Peter and his business partner built an Inc. 5000 marketing agency that would Peter’s tough lessons learned — in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship — have appeared in Inc. Understand the leadership frameworks in the book, and learn how to use them to create business results "No matter what business you’re in, what your goals are, or what obstacles confront you, honesty must

  • Melanie Polk

    Melanie Polk brings her experiences as a corporate business leader, executive coach, market researcher the recent work she has done in partnership with Rice University’s Doerr Institute for New Leaders to develop as a corporate leader, executive coach, and instructor/facilitator to discuss the critical need to develop when they are most effective Delivering effective feedback What powerful questions really sound like Developing In this talk, Melanie will outline why organizations would be well-served to develop a strong coaching

  • Todd Palmer

    THIS SPEAKER About Todd Palmer Todd Palmer is an executive coach & author who is committed to helping business Through executive coaching, corporate training, and keynote speaking, he helps business leaders tackle As an entrepreneur and active CEO of 25 years, Todd knows the struggles business owners face regarding He brings a unique blend of authenticity, transparency and vulnerability to help business owners achieve Todd’s mission is to share the strategies he’s learned over the past 20 years to guide business owners

  • Derrick Kinney

    As host of the popular Good Money podcast, Kinney visits with influential business and thought leaders Known for making complex business and financial topics easy to understand, Kinney is a sought-after expert on local and national media where he has been interviewed on CNBC, FOX News, CNN, FOX Business, PBS, Your #1 priority is helping your team grow their business and increase their revenue. Sales Director "Derrick Kinney shares practical wisdom and profitable business and money advice I’ve

  • Raj Singh

    Inspiration Motivation Networking Passive Income Strategy BOOK THIS SPEAKER About Raj Singh Raj has developed He spoke at the world renowned Forbes Digital Footprint and is the youngest recipient of the Social Business degree at NJCU, he entered Corporate America’s Information Technology field and grew multiple investment businesses BALANCE, NOT BURNOUT Raj Singh has developed a methodical approach to accessing PLR – Personal Leadership

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