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We Help Speakers Get On Stage 2 Times a Month (Or More) In The Next 12 Weeks

We help develop their platform, message, help write and publish their books without stress and without knowing where to start by working with a team that knows what to do.

Inspire Audiences Around The World With Your Unique Message

What can WCD do for you?

You will have access to speak at some of the largest conferences in the world because WCD makes connecting with high-profile meeting planners and event organizers a seamless process. 

Find Out Exactly How We Assist Speakers

Step #1

Speaker Assessment and Events Audit

An Initial Consulting Assessment is the process that creates a baseline profile of a speaker and ultimately provides a plan for future development

Step #2

Speaker Materials Review 

Step #3

Your Performance And Support

We review your existing speaking materials and explore your background, goals, existing challenges, and concerns as well as what will become the primary components of a successful speaking business.


We will work with you to outline your platform and marketing efforts. Our proven process and services are designed to be valuable for new and experienced who need to re- invent. We help you create a speaking career to become a world-class keynote speaker.

Step #4

Event Selection And Booking


Our process is simple and effective. We work with meeting planners daily to help with the daunting task of finding the right talent to engage their audiences. We take the marketing aspects from you and let you focus on what you do best: Sharing yourmessage and engaging audiences.


Are You Thinking About Writing a Book?

Most of our speakers begin with an idea for their book and their message. Then our lead editor will read your book, and offer suggestions and guidance for flow, focus and consistency. You will receive a manuscript with the editor’s notes and suggestions in line for easy review. We offer several levels of editing from organizational to final proofreading. Once complete, your book will be formatted and our designers will work with you to create an eye-catching cover.

Here is publishing process: 

  • Editing

  • Press Release

  • Book Launch

  • Web Page

  • Book Trailer

  • Cover Design

  • Graphics and Illustrations

  • Publishing

Do you want to write your bestseller?

Then book your free  all with Wilene 

Books We’ve Recently Published

George Carroll


"When I finished my book I had
no idea how to launch it. Luckily for me Wilene showed me step-by-step how to launch it in a way that got me to the top 50 in the tough self-help category. It's been a massively successful launch and Wilene helps me with my speaking career and launching my speaking business as well. I continue to work with her because he is just brilliant."

Christine Handy


"Finding the right support system can be daunting. We all have good stories and bad. Today I want to tell you I trust Wilene Dunn and WCD Enterprises for all of my speaking needs and engagements. If you're just
starting off in the publishing or
speaking business schedule a
strategy session with Wilene
Dunn today!"

David McBee


"Wilene had found me on
Linkedin. The timing was great I had just written a book and I had no idea how to get it edited, formatted, get a cover design, let alone get it published. Wilene and her team helped me with all of that. Now my book "Everyday
lessons every day" is on Amazon and it's dream come true. I know she considers my success her success and I feel like I have someone in my corner."

Why Work With Us

Affordable investment

Turnkey solution

300+ books published

25+ years of experience

Ongoing support


Book Your FREE Discovery Call With WCD

Let's connect so we can discuss:

  1. Your goals for your business

  2. The types of events you want to book

  3. Your current booking process

  4. How we can partner to improve your process

Watch What Our Keynote Speakers Say About WCD


Dr. Renee Ostertag

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

"She has helped me get more gigs, and feel more sane, grounded and peaceful in my business."


Athur Brite


"Wilene is sincere, hardworking and very professional. She booked events for me and helped me publish my new book that become a #1 bestseller."


Dayna Steele

Radio personality

"Wilene does a great job and over the years she developed a great program to help keynote speakers."

Watch Some of Our Best Speakers in Action

WCD Speakers: Katerina Cozias, Dean Lindsay, Chris Tripoli, Rich Allen, Mary Jane Mapes

WCD Speakers: Dan Holdridge, Dayna Steele, Lee Ann Piano

WCD Speakers: James Mapes, Diane Consolino, Christine Handy, Carol Cambridge, Preston Stevens


Book Your FREE Discovery Call With WCD

Let's connect so we can discuss:

  1. Your goals for your business

  2. The types of events you want to book

  3. Your current booking process

  4. How we can partner to improve your process

Frequently Asked Questions

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