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Juan Alvarado

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About Juan Alvarado

Juan is a highly respected expert in leadership and a Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach. He is a U.S. Army war veteran with a wealth of experience training teams of thousands of soldiers in high-stakes situations. In addition to his military service, Juan has worked with school districts to improve team efficiency and communication, resulting in increased productivity and employee satisfaction. He helps leaders and teams overcome complacency and prevent burnout in the workplace through his "Blueprint to Leadership" course, which has created more confident and respected leaders in over 1500 school administrators.

Juan has been featured on FOX, NBC, and CBS for his work in creating strength-based leaders and teams, promoting a positive culture in the workplace. 

The Intentional and Purposeful Leader Essentials to Well-Being And How To Prevent Burnout Creating Focus Through Alignment Meaningful Engagement And Recognition Strength-Based Leadership.

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Lead with Intention and Purpose

According to Gallup polls, 51% of employees leave their jobs due to their manager, while another poll shows that managers can have a positive impact on their staff's engagement by as much as 70%. So, what is it that many leaders are missing in their approach? INTENTIONALITY is often overlooked in the day-to-day operation of the workplace.

To become people-centered, leaders must be intentional and prioritize their people. Interestingly, upper management often believes that they are leading their team effectively, with an "open-door policy" and good standing with their staff. However, when we poll the staff, we often find a significant disconnect.

Juan Alvarado teaches that in order to bridge this gap, leaders must be people-centered rather than paper-centered, prioritizing the needs and well-being of their team over policies and procedures. When we support our people, they will willingly follow procedures and policies because they feel valued and supported.

Juan will share key insights on how and why engagement is the key to creating a positive and productive work relationship with your team.

This presentation will provide frameworks and tools that you can use immediately to bring intentional engagement to the forefront TAKEAWAYS of your leadership style.

  • Disregard the status quo and create positive change.

  • Develop an awareness of the staff climate.

  • Engage each staff with purpose and intentionally.

  • Create a team environment that will help the retention of your staff

  • Take ownership of leading their team with purposeful direction.

  • Produce greater understanding with heightened communication.

Strength-Base Teams

According to Gallup, people who use their strengths on a daily basis are more likely to have a high quality of life, be engaged at work, be more productive, and be less likely to leave their jobs. When Juan works with you and your team, he helps your organization retain staff and create a more energized and efficient work environment. By helping team members understand their own strengths and those of their colleagues, collaboration and productivity can be improved.

Juan starts by meeting with the management team to go over their strengths and gather information about the needs of the management and the team as a whole. The management team will receive their own training and learn how to set an example for the rest of the team before Juan meets with the staff.

During this meeting, he will discuss the staff's strengths and blind spots, as well as their day-to-day functions and how they fit into the organization's vision. Effective communication through the use of strengths is a key component of this training, and collaborating with individuals who have complementary strengths can bring synergy to any project.

  • Understand their strengths and others.

  • Become more productive.

  • Have clarity in communication.

  • Collaborate at a higher level Know their blind spots and have a plan of action

  • Come to work happier and more focused to work.

  • Use their strengths to plan, communicate, and become more effective


Paraprofessionals & Expanded Learning Programs

With 11 years of experience in Expanded Learning Programs (ELP), Juan is a highly sought-after trainer for top ELP providers that serve thousands of schools. In his training sessions, he covers the ins and outs of ELP, including how to overcome common challenges and stresses faced by program staff. He has a deep understanding of the role of ELP staff, from front-line staff to program managers and directors, and can provide insights on pitfalls to avoid at each level.
Juan's training focuses on best practices for program management, including behavioral management, classroom management, and building relationships with students, parents, and administrators. He emphasizes the importance of location and the use of certain keywords to establish respect and foster compliance with safety protocols. His strategic approach to these areas has helped him succeed in his ELP roles and he is eager to share his insights with others in the field. 

  • Have BEST practices from walking lines to homework set up

  • Feel like a veteran staff no matter their prior experiences.

  • Know how to handle tier 3 students in difficult situations.

  • Learn to authentically build relationships.

  • Know how to keep an eye and have accountability on every student.

  • Work stress free.

What People Are Saying…

T. Armstrong, Director-Oak Creek School District, AZ

"Juan's session was by far my favorite out of all the speakers 
this week. It spoke directly to me about how I can be a better
leader at work. But Juan made it so relatable on how we can
use the same frameworks at home. I am excited to lead not
only at work but at home as a better wife, mother, and friend.

Raquel Rosas - Paraprofessional

"I love that Juan used a diagram to clearly outline
what he was talking about.  He was clear and concise
with his message. He took questions and incorporated
his answers into his session.  He made me feel that he
actually cared that I took away valuable material
away from his workshop.

Erika P, Youth Services Coordinator
Family Resource Center, CA

"This was one amazing workshop and so very inspiring. I am
hopeful about whom I'm becoming and how I will lead using
my natural strengths. I understand the necessary change I
need to make for myself and how important it is to set an
example for the others I lead. I am the change agent!


"Don’t let your past determine your future."

- Johnny Wimbrey



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