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About Jerome Wade

Jerome Wade, CSP, is an author, international speaker, and an advisor to executives and sales professionals. With nearly 30 years of C-Suite experience, Jerome masterfully guides clients and audiences through their biggest challenges to achieve their greatest dreams.

Jerome masterfully engages clients and audiences with actionable insight that drives immediate and lasting results. Leveraging the power of story from Jerome’s global adventures and experiences (Trekking to Everest Base Camp, Summiting Mt. Machu Picchu, Exploring the Amazon, Kayaking the Grand Canyon, Sailing the Caribbean, and more), clients and audiences are inspired to live and lead at the top of their game.

Jerome is the CEO of Epic Global™, a leadership and sales performance & productivity consultancy. Jerome is the creator of The Elite Producers Program that coaches business and sales professionals to achieve extraordinary results and revenue.

Jerome Wade is “The Experiential Speaker™,” giving nearly 3000 presentations in numerous countries in every size and shape of event. Jerome takes audiences beyond entertainment and engagement to guide them through a transformative experience. As a master storyteller, and “experience architect™”, Jerome helps audiences go beyond listening to create moments that transform the heart, expand the mind, and unleash their dreams. The ultimate impact of Jerome’s presentation is in guiding the audience to be heroic in creating the success and life they want.

Featured topics

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Life for business and sales professionals is consumed by creating and sustaining results, driving revenue and growing relationships. The complexity of work, home and personal life often limits the performance and productivity of the most determined, creating frustration, unnecessary stress and diminished results.

Becoming The Elite Producer™ can be achieved by implementing the transformational truths of the Elite Producers Formula where getting extraordinary results is an everyday experience. You can unleash your greater self, live and lead at your fullest potential and get the results that you dream. When results matter, it’s The Elite Producer™ who achieves the extraordinary.

  • The 5 pillars of an elite producer

  • The irrefutable habits that get results, every day

  • How to activate the inner game for optimized results

  • The irreducible minimum of peak performance & extraordinary productivity

  • How to achieve breakthrough focus and undeterred confidence

What People Are Saying…

CEO, WINGS International

"Jerome was one of the most engaging, articulate, fun motivational speakers we have ever had. He immediately related to the audience, gave great advice, all the while keeping them moving, laughing, and learning."

CEO, Las Cruces Chamber

"Jerome inspired our members to fully engage in our event and provided real solutions that helped them activate greater success. We look forward to Jerome coming back and speaking again!"

Executive Director

"Jerome’s ability to engage and entertain an audience is uncommon. From the first words of his presentation until his last, the audience was all-in—learning laughing, and leaning in. He is the highest-rated speaker we have ever had."

"IMAGINE if you were able to create the success you want, enjoy deep and meaningful relationships, make a massive difference in the world, be fully energized every day, and totally dominate as an elite producer, motivated achiever, high performer, and top earner.”

- Jerome Wade


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"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - FATHER PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN.

No one is immune from the real life struggle that comes when pursuing success. Every single one of us must battle the seemingly invisible force–field that works against our best intentions and biggest dreams. If you’re ready to dominate your limitations and break through your barriers to achieve greater success and live an extraordinary life, unleashed will help you achieve it.

Unleashed is filled with real world strategies that will help you intentionally identify the very things that are keeping you from the success you want while providing the framework to dominate them. Bigger success, better opportunities, and a brighter future can be yours if you apply the insight and inspiration revealed in unleashed.


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