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Gregory Copploe

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About Gregory Copploe

Gregory Copploe began his career in art graduating from UCLA with a BA in Theatre, and began painting in oil in 2001 after the passing of his father who also painted in this medium. As an homage to his father, he began his journey in oils experimenting with sky, water and the creation of faces in the clouds, creating relationships between the water, sky, and moon surrounding those faces. He had no idea that this homage to his father, would soon become a passion of his own, as he branched out into portraits, inspired by Sergei Smirnov and Modigliani. 

Holistic Healing and Wellness Coach, Author of the self-help book "The Art of Being Whole" published by Kharis Publishing, and small business owner at Stir Up The Paint. Ambassador Member of the Concierge Guild of Seattle. Professional Marketing background and a proven track record for success at both Fortune 500’s (Sony Pictures) and Start Ups. Consumer products/licensing background with an emphasis in special events, video production, advertising, social media and public relations. Responsible for the success of consumer products brands such as: SpiderMan, Godzilla, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sports Trading Cards, and Bella Sara—the first successful trading card game and virtual online world for girls.

Featured topics

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Being Kind to Your Body Shell

This talk focuses on your body and how we can heal it from overall neglect and abuse for better work performance.  Anxiety can be caused by a physical manifestation of the body, and how we can heal from this and feel more whole.  We always think of anxiety as being solely a mental issue, but many times our physical body is igniting our anxiety.  Exercise, sleep, hydration, balance, food intake and at what times we eat, all influence our body shell and overall mental aptitude.  Being kind to the body and to ourselves is key in regards to our healing and wellness.

  • Your Mental and physical body are tied together

  • Awareness of how our daily activities and habits affect our bodies 

  • What can you do that benefits your body the most

How Do We Become More Whole In a Broken World

This is an inspirational talk about embracing the beauty of our brokenness, as we are all broken and are works in progress trying to improve and achieve a better, happier existence on the Planet.  Once we realize that being broken is something we all have in common, we can live with less judgment, and embrace the similarities of what we share together by being the same species.  This talk focuses on being present and what that means, minimizing the chatter in our head, and improving our overall productiveness in both our personal and work life.  “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

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  • We are all works in progress – Everyone has challenges

  • Improving Overall Productiveness

  • What is the Truth about you

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Don’t Give Up On Yourself

There are dream killers on every corner telling you, you are not good enough, or brave enough, or likely enough to succeed or fulfill your desires.  This talk focuses on expectations, dreams and how to listen to your inner truths without listening or requiring the validation from the outside world.

  • Believe in yourself - believing the truth and taking action to make them a realization

  • Listen to yourself and stop looking for validation from others

  • Applying self-nurturing to take action to unfold your path and direction

Exceeding Expectations – Excellence in Customer Service

This discussion focuses on the Five Agreements.  Be impeccable with your word.  Don’t take things personally.  Don’t make assumptions. Listen more and talk less and always do your best.

  • Be impeccable with your word.  

  • Don’t take things personally.  

  • Don’t make assumptions.  

  • Listen more and talk less and always do your best.

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What People Are Saying…

VP, Source Office & Technology

"I have heard a lot of speakers in my time and Royce Allen knows what she is talking about and enjoyable to listen to"

Professor of Business

"Royce is a highly persuasive speaker with her ability to integrate and articulate relevant information about technology and business practices."

BSI Solutions CIO

"Royce has been wowing me for years, with her cybersecurity and information technology knowledge. She is a dynamic speaker."

"When your workforce is diverse you create a winning team of perspectives to make meaningful change"

- Gregory Copploe

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"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - FATHER PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN.

Let's go on a journey together and discover how we shed the ego, slink out of the abyss and ascend towards the light retaining a passion and love for oneself and others that defies our imagination. Our past doesn't define us, nor does our future. We are defined by the value and love we store within our hearts, and it is this loving action that imprints itself in indelible ink upon the world as we move swiftly through the labyrinth. Join me on this journey as we awaken ourselves to new possibilities while we release the toxicity and embrace the joy.


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