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Gezim Gashi

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About Gezim Gashi

Gezim Gashi is a storyteller, producer, mentor, speaker, educationalist, branding guru and a partner in the OCS Institute for the Arts & Innovation in Los Angeles, California. This is his first book. Originally from Akllap, Kosovo, he grew up in Alvesta, Sweden and now lives in New York City and California.

After being thrown from a hospital window and fleeing from Kosovo to Sweden with his family to escape genocide, Gezim Gashi went on to become the first Albanian and Swede to launch an entertainment high school institute in the United States, led a successful marketing company and worked with Disney.  

Gezim’s story proves that unlocking our unique, authentic selves is the key to true success.

Featured topics

Unlocked: The Power of You

“Unlocked: The Power of You is an intimate look into the power of perseverance and passion for believing in oneself. This generation desperately needs to unlock their potential, for themselves and for the greater prosperity of our delicate planet. Gezim is a powerful example of what is possible and represents the best of the human spirit.  Everyone has potential that can be unleashed. When you control your own narrative and build the narrative how you can unlock your potential. Unlocked: The Power of You proves that unlocking our authentic selves unleashes our greatest potential in a no-limits, post-pandemic world.

  • Most successful corporate leaders has the mentality to support others

  • Building a legacy versus climbing the ladder

  • Mapping the Moments that Lift you up

Motivated to Work - It’s How You Do What You Love

Gezim motivates people to work and by teaching others to believe in their own potential.
Why are you doing what you are doing?  Many people have creative, happy and fulfilling lives by using whatever it is they love to fuel their energy and build their communities.  Following their joy leads them to rewarding work and supportive, nourishing communities.  Being motivated means we are being filled with a purpose. The motivation comes from a foundation which comes from purpose and value. Foundation has to work.

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  • Why and How to be motivated to work

  • Know why you are doing what you are doing

  • How you can be motivated.

  • What is the foundation of motivation

  • How to unleash your potential


Creating a Culture of the Unlocked Employee

Once you are unlocked for the the position you are in and then you see others and help others move.  When you find the code in story telling, that is when we connect authentically.  Nike uses, brands, celebrities uses it and that's where loyalty comes and has a purpose and mission - resilience and loyalty connected to purpose. 

  • There is gap in corporate the CEO and employees - you are here and I am here.

  • How to engage your team to share their ideas

  • Creating a Culture of the Unlocked Employee

A Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

This need for meaning and impact is most apparent in the inner lives of entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs who believe their work is more than just a job.  You want meaning, you want passion, and you want balance. You want to make an impact and you want to do it through your business. Uncovering your purpose and aligning it with the core mission of your business can make all the difference in building a life that is impactful and meaningful.  

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  • Be confident about converting your passion into your brand

  • Understand how to find a career and speaking topic that actually excites you

  • Improve how you communicate the value of your passion to others

What People Are Saying…

Dr. Chris Mattmann, NASA JPL

"Gezim’s story is story of hope and empowerment for any individual. Focusing on what you can accomplish by setting real goals and owning them."

Alyssa Lein-Smith, Quincy Jones Productions

"Inspiring words for an inspired life! Gezim Gashi breaks down the lessons and tools he empowers his students with, in a meaningful and accessible way for anyone to practice."

Forbes Dr. Rod Berger, Contributor

"Gezim’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to unleash their full potential."

"It’s not about who you know, it’s about how you know them through authentic connections which will allow you to do amazing things"

- Gezim Gashi


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Unlocked: The Power of You

While sharing his remarkable story—from escaping the Kosovo genocide to Sweden to speaking at Harvard University as the first Albanian-Swede to launch an entertainment high school institute in the United States— Gezim Gashi maps the way to personal success and fulfillment. Unlocked: The Power of You proves that unlocking our authentic selves unleashes our greatest potential in a no-limits, post-pandemic world.


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