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Dawn F. Landry

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About Dawn F. Landry

Dawn F. Landry’s experience encompasses 28+ years of business development and marketing leadership positions, over half in the corporate/commercial real estate industry.  She credits her success to an understanding in which true market penetration and expansion are derived from a strategic and value-driven solution based upon team alignment, trust, and employee culture focus.

Dawn is a best-selling author and an award-winning and respected business professional, working with clients throughout Texas.  She has spent the bulk of her career in Houston’s corporate real estate industry, excelling in leadership positions within the region’s largest economic development organization, as well as international commercial construction companies.

In February 2017, Dawn founded Authentizity, LLC. as an independent business growth strategist to assist companies with customized programs designed to advance their leadership proficiencies, team alignment and outreach effectiveness.  Leveraging Gallup CliftonStrengths®, Authentizity provides consulting, training and coaching services that optimize technical teams’ engagement and productivity.

Featured topics

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Defining Your “I” in Business Development

Technical service business development has evolved such that operations professionals are now required to become engaged relationship development leaders throughout the sales process.  Unlike product sales, clients in this sector are sophisticated, informed, and recognize that companies don’t design, engineer, and/or build anything.  People do.  

The challenge, however, is that many technicians are highly proficient in the “doing” role of their business.  They are not as skilled or confident at the selling part, which is now a key component in their career advancement within their organization.  It is only when these individuals can understand the importance of their role in the “I” in BusIness Development is the process mutually beneficial and authentically successful.      

  • Strategies to understand the importance of Your Personal Brand and How to Create One.

  • Definition of Climbers, Squatters (i.e., Campers), Quitters.

  • Changing your thinking:  Is the grass truly greener at the other company or are you just not passionate about certain aspects of your job?  Can you grow where you are planted?  Or, do you really need to look for a new job?

  • Resources to consider when taking that next step.

Achieving the Ultimate Client Experience. Forget Assumptions, Accountability & Measurement for Success.

Much has been written over the past several decades about customer service.  From loyalty programs to quantitative and qualitative surveys, the efforts are exhaustive and have become more chatter (and an outlet for complaints) rather than a true and sincere platform to better the client’s experience (CX).  According to the Harvard Business Review’s Know the Difference Between Customer Service and the Client Experience: ‘Client experience is the sum of all client interactions across company touchpoints.  

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  • Tips to advance authentic and long-lasting relationship with our clients by providing proactive, transparent guidance and support by the team at all levels.  

  • Considerations --- in order to achieve the ultimate client experience, we must invest in our employees’ experiences.

  • Resources available if needing a next step outreach.

  • Interactive Exercise to begin defining a quality program for any organization, at any level.

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The Common Denominator in All Challenging Situations

What is the one universal common denominator in all challenging situations, both professional and personal, that determines success or failure?  It is effective communications, or sometimes a lack thereof.  Standing the test of time and crossing all borders and relationship types, we can all improve, no matter our career or expertise level.  A methodical process to improve our listening and responses and practical strategies and tips for application in our day-to-day lives.  

Listening Strategies – Ensuring that Your Audience Feels Heard:

  • Listener Types of People:  The Domineers, The Condescendings, The Relaxeds. 

  • Throttling Back with Patience.

  • Allowing Space in the Conversation.

Applying Crisis Management Skills to Personal Challenges   Ten Inspirational and Practical Life Strategies from a Big Dreamer

What do you do when a challenge drops you to your knees and turns your life upside down?  Do you feel ill-equipped to overcome it?  Or do you press into all of your superpowers within to be successful?

Ten Inspirational and Practical Life Strategies from a Big Dreamer.  Unconventional, imperfect, determined, yet humorously self-aware, Dawn will share her own tactical and motivational tips for easy application in our day-to-day lives.  

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Are you a King/Queen or are you a King/Queenmaker? 

Dawn F. Landry has spent the last three decades thoughtfully exploring, defining, and redefining the significance of that question, both professionally and personally.  A self-proclaimed big dreamer, she characterizes herself as a king/queenmaker as evidenced by her 28-year career in B2B technical business development/marketing positions, all in collaboration and servitude to her team and organization.  Best practices to living a successful, content, and meaningful life in the promotion and celebration of others.

What People Are Saying…

A National Software Developer 

"We had Dawn design a workshop for a number of our customers who were unfamiliar with business development. Dawn was exceptional! She designed a program, executed it, and followed up with all of the attendees. Really represented us well! I highly recommend her services"

Principal at RdlR Architects, Inc. A Commercial Architecture Firm

"Dawn enabled us to be better communicators, appreciate our differences and build trust among our team. The results have transformed our firm. Our business has grown, we are stronger and happier. Dawn is a trusted adviser and sincere in her efforts to help other succeed."

President of Limestone Commercial Real Estate, LLC

 "Dawn is an extraordinary consultant and coach. She is very discerning, patient and creates an environment for breakthroughs."

"To Inspire, Ignite and Activate the Greatness in Others and Myself."

- Dawn F. Landry

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ARMORED is a memoir, a love story, and ultimately a practical leadership guide to managing crisis on your own terms.

According to Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, Inc., “Dawn’s story reminds us that CliftonStrengths® coaching is both science and art.  Through understanding and harnessing her strengths and those of Daran’s, Dawn created a customized plan for his recovery — proving there is no limit to what is possible.  Their story is pure inspiration.”


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