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Curt Steinhorst

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Curt's Expertise

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About Curt Steinhorst

Curt Steinhorst is the author of the bestselling book, Can I Have Your Attention?, a global speaker, and a regular Forbes contributor on leadership strategy. Diagnosed with ADD as a child, Curt knows intimately the challenges companies face to keep the attention of today's distracted workforce and customer.

He began his public speaking career as a leading voice at the #1 global research organization on generational trends in the workplace and spent years studying the impact of tech on human behavior. He founded Focuswise to help leaders and organizations create cultures of focus and teams that thrive.

Focus expert Curt Steinhorst helps leaders and teams take control of their attention and focus it on what matters most for their success. By applying the science of how the brain works to the reality of how we function in today's hyper-connected world, Curt provides actionable insights that help leaders break through the noise, achieve greater innovation and performance, and get the important work done.

Featured topics

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Can I have Your Attention?

How do you tackle the rising number of obligations? Humans today are navigating a staggering amount of change and an unrelenting flow of noise and information, leaving many leaders and teams feeling overwhelmed, inundated, and disengaged. 

By combining the science of how the brain works with how we operate in a data-saturated world, Focus Expert Curt Steinhorst helps individuals at any level take back control of their focus and attention and apply it in ways that lead to greater productivity and success.

  • Gain tactics and tools to help your brain operate at peak performance

  • Adopt simple but profound ways to protect your focus and unlock your time

  • Reduce futility and master new ways to get more done

The FocusFit Leader: Build Teams That Thrive Through Uncertainty, Complexity, and Change

It is a leader's responsibility to provide visibility and encourage collaboration without inundating employees with endless meetings and constant interruptions. Despite our best efforts, teams are more overwhelmed than ever before. Leaders have access to a finite amount of the most precious resource: their team's focus and attention. They must understand how to deploy it to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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  • Utilize tools required to build teams that succeed and thrive

  • Turn “always available / always responsive” into “always accountable / always responsible.”

  • Reconfigure communication norms/protocols/standards to avoid interruption and unreasonable demands

What People Are Saying…


"It's no small feat to keep a room full of top performing wealth managers engaged and off their phones for an entire keynote. Not only did Curt maintain enthusiastic attention, but he gave us plenty of practical advice for finding focus in the ocean of distractions. His session was the highest rated of the conference, scoring 4.9 out of 5 in the follow-up survey."


"The presentation was practical, funny, and well-received; we had a lot of buzz following the event. Curt's message thoughtfully addresses a central challenge in our fast-paced work culture. He was a true delight to work with, and we are already planning to bring him back!"

President / CEO - Aspen Ski Company

"If you're looking for someone who can equip your people to better focus in today's work environment and do so while keeping them entertained and engaged, look no further than Curt. He made us think, he kept us laughing, and we left knowing how to improve our lives by reclaiming our attention."

"In a world where no one can focus on anything, being capable of focus is an increasingly powerful differentiator."

- Curt Steinhorst

Can I Have your Attention?

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In Can I Have your Attention?, Curt Steinhorst shows business leaders how to cut through the noise and get their employees back to work. Curt has spent years helping Fortune 500 companies overcome distraction and achieve focus. With technology creating endless opportunities to "improve productivity," people spend so much time responding to the interruptions, that they've lost the ability to focus and do their jobs. Yet, the potential for harnessing the power of your team's attention has never been greater—if you can capture it.


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