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WCD Speakers

Your reliable partner for meeting planners and keynote speakers

Who Is WCD Speakers?

WCD Speakers is an Agency that helps connect inspiring speakers with professional meeting planners.

With our 25+ years of experience, we have an active list of over 70,000 associations, organizations, and meeting planners in the US and internationally.

What Can WCD Speakers Do For You?


WCD Speakers makes booking talent for all your meetings and events a seamless process. Whether you are searching for a motivational or
business speaker, a trainer, or an entertainer, we have you covered, With access to high-profile talent from all walks of life, we provide keynote speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts to help you deliver your message.

Why Do We Do It?

As a global agency, our mission is to match and connect the most talented and unique speakers with professional meeting planners.

We believe that speakers should focus on delivering and promoting the desired message to the audience while meeting professionals should focus on organizing engaging events.

That's why we are committed to helping, supporting, and assisting keynote speakers and meeting professionals from the very first contact with WCD till the very last applause at the event.

Wilene new image - About.jpeg

About the Founder of WCD

- Wilene Dunn, Owner/CEO

Wilene Dunn, Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Author. Larger-than-life entrepreneur focused on speaking, building business and encouraging others to follow their dreams through empowerment coaching.

Her years of experience as a top performer in sales and marketing translated seamlessly into the speaking industry.

Through business development consulting we help business owners form new ideas for generating more business, better positioning in the marketplace, and expanding money-making ideas.

Through writing and publishing her first book in 2009, Wilene found professional support for self-publishers lacking. As a result, she developed programs supporting authors and speakers in all facets of developing, marketing, and distributing their works.

Watch Some of Our Best Speakers in Action

WCD Speakers: Katerina Cozias, Dean Lindsay, Chris Tripoli, Rich Allen, Mary Jane Mapes

WCD Speakers: Dan Holdridge, Dayna Steele, Lee Ann Piano

WCD Speakers: James Mapes, Diane Consolino, Christine Handy, Carol Cambridge, Preston Stevens

Watch What Our Keynote Speakers Say About WCD


Dr. Renee Ostertag

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

"She has helped me get more gigs, and feel more sane, grounded and peaceful in my business."


Athur Brite


"Wilene is sincere, hardworking and very professional. She booked events for me and helped me publish my new book that become a #1 bestseller."


Dayna Steele

Radio personality

"Wilene does a great job and over the years she developed a great program to help keynote speakers."


Book Your FREE Discovery Call With WCD

Let's connect so we can discuss:

  1. Your goals for your business

  2. The types of events you want to book

  3. Your current booking process

  4. How we can partner to improve your process

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