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Meeting Planners

As a meeting planner who runs events and conferences,

do you find these challenges familiar? 

  • I can't find speakers covering their topics...

  • I don't have a reliable system to find speakers...

  • There is no one to support us...

  • It takes a long time to do speakers' research, looking for the costs, making calls, sending out contracts...


Well... we have a solution for you.

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Watch Some of Our Best Keynote Speakers in Action

WCD Speakers: Katerina Cozias, Dean Lindsay, Chris Tripoli, Rich Allen, Mary Jane Mapes

WCD Speakers: Dan Holdridge, Dayna Steele, Lee Ann Piano

WCD Speakers: Dan Holdridge, Dayna Steele, Lee Ann Piano


Keynote Speakers

As a speaker who is looking for an opportunity to perform on stage and share your message with the world, do you find these challenges familiar? 

  • I don't know how to get in front of my ideal audience...

  • I don't have a reliable person or system to get on stages...

  • There is no one to support me as a speaker...

  • It feels stressful and annoying to find stages by myself...

  • I am always grinding to get it all done and watch time constantly...

Well... we have a solution for you.

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Watch What Our Keynote Speakers Say About WCD


Dr. Renee Ostertag

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

"She has helped me get more gigs, and feel more sane, grounded and peaceful in my business."


Athur Brite


"Wilene is sincere, hardworking and very professional. She booked events for me and helped me publish my new book that become a #1 bestseller."


Dayna Steele

Radio personality

"Wilene does a great job and over the years she developed a great program to help keynote speakers."


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